Full page cache as core functionality

There are a lot of nice cache plugins for WP (even I wrote one a long time ago), but there’s still not one as core functionality.

Microcaching could save a lot of sites out there if they are hit with unexpected amount of traffic.

Read-only archive: https://petitions.classicpress.net/posts/147/full-page-cache-as-core-functionality

Author: Peter Molnar

Vote count: 8

Status: open


I’m using this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-ffpc on my websites right now. It’s excellent! And it greatly increased the speed of my websites with ClassicPress

The only sensible way of implementing this at the moment would be to add APCu. But it’s not clear to me why this should be part of core when we have actually agreed to slim core down and make it modular. It’s also quite easy to add an APCu driver as an mu-plugin.

This is another thread that should be closed as won’t fix.


Not all websites need caching. For those that do, a plugin can help. Keeping core slim is our goal.


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