GDPR - cookies plugin

What plugin do you suggest to deal with cookies and DGPR (I’m in Italy)?

Now I’m using GDPR compliance by supsystic, installed with hurry before going on holidays, but I’m not very happy with. The previous one phoned home too much (I’ve removed this long time ago), and the guys between disappered and those days was removed from Many others just leaves cookies passing, others have tons of unuseful options…

Searching for something very easy… a banner, no cookies, an “Accept” button that fires up cookies!


Thank you!

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I currently use GDPR Cookie Consent , out-of-the-box this plugin doesn’t make your site GDPR compliant, obviously different site uses different cookies, so you gat to configure it in the plugin settings/options.

Goodluck with Cookies and biscuits :cookie:


I use GDPR Cookie Consent too, it just works. Didn’t know, what happens under the hood, but from the UI side, it is better than any else, I tried dozen before picked this.


@Devrealm_Guy @LinasSimonis thank you very much! :slight_smile: