Generate Password in CP User Profile

Trying to generate a password with the “Generate Password” button on CP User profile does nothing but open the text input to manually input a password.

Either this is a bug (as in "should generate the password but does not), or a usability issue, if it is not supposed to generate it (then we should change the label of the button)

Anyone else sees this? It is a fresh CP Install.

Sorry but I cannot reproduce on local test sites nor on my live ClassicPress sites.

I’m presuming its the Users > Your Profile page, under the ‘Account Management’ heading where there is a ‘Generate Password’ button.


Any console errors on that page?


Reopened the browser, clicked again, and at first thought “there it is, it doesn’t generate it”. After half a second thou the pwd got generated.

Puzzled, but… I cannot replicate it myself anymore. There where no JS errors previously, I had made sure of that… Perhaps some hiccup.

In any case, all good as it seems.

Can be closed :slight_smile: