Generate random table prefix during installation

It’s usually a recommended step to improve security, changing table prefix from wp_ to something random.

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Author: Viktor Nagornyy

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The prefix can be chosen by all major aided installs such as softacoulos and also easily altered else how by simply setting the prefix during install, WordPress Tutorial => Set a custom prefix for WordPress tables

I don’t see the need to add the code for this which basically won’t do much more than add an already available feature but micromanage it.

Considering benefit versus work required the work required is more than the benefit

A notice on the installs screen that a “custom prefix might aid security” would be less work and do the same - yet as others pointed out security wise this is really little to no betterment.

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Yeah, there’s really no security benefit in changing the prefix; it is trivial to retrieve anyway, no matter what it is.

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I always change the prefix, but not for security reasons: it just helps me remember what I’m looking at when I’ve got a database open in Sequel Ace.

So I appreciate being able to set it, but I don’t think there are additional benefits in randomising it. As noted above, there’s no security impact.

Really? There’s no security benefit at all?!! :scream:

Shouldn’t have listened then to this advice of changing the table prefix.

It’s like removing the ClassicPress/WordPress version number. Somewhere along the line, someone decided it was a security measure and, in time, it became such widespread conventional wisdom that even security plugins built a setting for it. These days, we know better.

I think we all will trust the “experts”

I think with this and all comments above this can be set to auto destruction within 7 days…

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It doesn’t hurt renaming it - but the purpose isn’t security

Rather organization.
So once you’ll have many databases in your server it’ll benefit you :wink:


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