GeneratePress No Longer Works with CP

The GeneratePress theme and the GP Premium plugin are no longer compatible with ClassicPress.

If you need to keep using this theme, I have created versions that still do work and changed the version numbers to 9.9.9

I also have a child theme if you need that.

Feel free to contact me if you need them.


Hey Aussie,
Yes please, I was about to start a topic on this. (glad I searched first :slight_smile: )

How is version different from the one generate old version?

Yes I would like a copy please

@BTclimb The current version of GeneratePress and the GP Premium plugin are linked to WordPress to get their information.

This causes an error when used with ClassicPress, in particular, preventing the Customizer and GP Premium plugin from working.

My versions 9.9.9 are the last versions that worked with CP. I changed the version number to prevent upgrade notifications.

I will send you the download link in a PM.