German hosting provider:

Following up is my assessment of, a small hosting provider in Germany, based on my own experience with them:


  • custom, very decent admin interface (open source, available on request)
  • one of the two leads is
  • Let’s Encrypt
  • one of the first hosting providers in Germany offering a “no user logging” option
  • strongly oriented towards security
  • SSH everywhere - essentially a full-blown shell account with hosting abilities (yes, FISH and FUSE works, too)
  • full-blown DNS configuration options
  • very reliable and good support
  • optional DynDNS with your own domain
  • Jabber server with your own domain
  • 2 GB base webspace
  • full-blown mail accounts with any current, up-to-date feature as possible (eg. Greylisting, decent Bayes Anti-Spam protecting etc. pp.)
  • superb for developers (eg. developing your sites IRL instead locally)
  • unlimited number of domains and subdomains


  • rather small traffic per month, ie. 10 GB, which can be raised though, depending on your needs

There is also this review (in German) about both Schokokeks and Uberspace :slight_smile:

cu, w0lf.