German Hosting Providers: Generic Thread

So instead of going into each and any detail, I’ve thought I’d just drop a list of German webhosting or webserver companies in here, which I can recommend, either because I’ve been with them before, or one of my clients is / has been:

  1. - My primary recommendation for German clients; extremely knowledgable support, quick response time when issues appear, very reliable systems, decently priced packages and a lot of fun developing sites and software on their servers … if I wasnt already happily supplied with all of my webhosting needs (thanks to, or my main webhosting company would fold down, these would be the folks I’d choose over anything else :slight_smile:
  2. Primarly a VPS / KVM / dedicated server provider (highly recommended, too), but also offers decent shared hosting plans. Uncomplicated, easy setup, and competent, knowledgeable folks :slight_smile:
  3. Webhosting: Although Hetzner is more focused on providing servers, v-servers and colocation services, they also offer rather decent webhosting packages. Sadly, their admin interface is rather complicated and seems to be visually stuck somewhere between 2005 and 2009. Still, or maybe even because of that, their technical performance and efficency is on a stellar level :slight_smile:
  4. Medium-sized hosting and VPS server provider, located nearby Munich; I’ve got myself a small Elastic Siteserver with them, which is powering my blog, too :slight_smile:
  5. Yet another of those “primarly dedicated / VPS server providers”, which also offers decent webhosting packages. And very, very good support, as I’ve been in more or less regular contact with them for several clients and projects over the course of the last 6 years. These folks really know what they’re doing :+1:
  6. - a hosting provider with very very strong focus on VPS / KVM virtual servers, which … also offers interesting, solid webhosting packages; de facto located in Austria, but are pushing around server locations in several countries, including Germany.

So thats my small list, for now :smiley:

cu, w0lf.


Currently testing: - they use a pre-paid kind of setup. Ie. you add money to your account and order stuff depending on your needs. My main goal with this is to set up a VPN server for when I’m on the road (esp. travelling by train and having to rely on publicly accessible / unencrypted WiFi), plus some classic server-to-server backups and “road works” for clients.

cu, w0lf.

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