Get ClassicPress Page (latest WP version?)

Looking at this from a new user’s point of view, I went to the Get ClassicPress page:

I noticed there is nothing to tell me the latest WordPress version I can migrate from - I was looking for that info as well. I wonder if you need an info box at the top of the page that says something like: “Fully compatible to migrate from WordPress version 5.3.1”

The 10 Reasons to Switch to ClassicPress… page is excellent!


That is a good point, though it will need to be a manual step to update whereas we updated the migration plugin to ping the API to see what versions we support.

Maybe just adding the “latest” versions?


Hi @wadestriebel I think you just need the latest version. Or from versions 4.9 to 5.4. Keep it simple.

I dont know if its compatible to 5.3 or 5.4.

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This is a really important point. I have tried using the migration plugin a number of times only to be met with “Sorry, it doesn’t work with your version” (my version always being the most up-to-date). It happened again recently when I was testing moving a site from WP5.5 with Woo over to CP and CC. I know it can be done manually but I always like to do things the way an average user would, so I can see any potential hurdles.

The most common scenario I can imagine is a user updating to the latest WP version, finding a bunch of issues and error messages, and thinking: “That’s it! I’ve had it with WP, I’m moving to CP”. So they download and install the migration plugin only to find it won’t do the job. At that point I expect we would lose many of them.

Can someone tell me what is required to bring the migration plugin updated to be working with the latest WP release? I don’t know anything about this; maybe it’s a complicated business that needs lots of testing so there will always be a considerable time lag.


Yes exactly. All you need is a simple info box at the top of the page.

“The Classic Migration Plugin supports up to WordPress version 5.4”

I don’t see this being a major obstacle to add this in. At least people will know if they can migrate or not.

@james is the best person to explain how the plugin is updated to support latest WP.
If I recall correctly there is a line of code specifying latest WP release and this has to be changed, then the plugin should be tested. Take this with a pinch of caution, for I am not able to find where it was explained (I remember there was a post here on the forums about this, but maybe it was on slack and got 10ked?).

Hi @ElisabettaCarrara, thank you, but that isn’t what I meant. I was referring to the top of the web page. There is no indictation to what WP version the Migration Plugin will handle.

People will download the plugin, try to migrate, only to find out the migration plugin doesnt work. Please see my initial comment in the thread.

Sorry, that was me going (slightly) off-topic. I was wondering about the time lag between a new WP version being released and having it recognised by the migration plugin. In an ideal world you shouldn’t need to have a statement about what WP versions it supports… it would just work with whatever you have. But I realise there is a need for set up and testing, so it can’t be immediate.

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@Web242 my post was an answer to @ozfiddler that was wondering about how the plugin compatibility upgrade was made.
As concerns the notice about max version supported, I think it is needed because as the two CMS diverge the migration plugin will change and have a prominent importance.
This plugin is unique because it allows migrating from one to the other seamlessly without having to rebuild, as of now. And with our development proceeding sometimes it may get a delay in the update. So I suggest that whoever updates it to a new WP release also bumps up the number on the page to show it has been upgraded.

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@ElisabettaCarrara and @ozfiddler yes that is what I meant - exactly.

How does this get pushed from idea to being updated on the site?

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I am thinking, adding this force people to manually update page… Unless there is an automated way to do that (something like text changes when github gets an update to the latest WP or similar).
Or we can just include a note that explain how to check the latest supported WP release on the github plugin repo readme and eventually downgrade to that release before migrating… But this is opening another can of worms since not everyone is able to safely downgrade…

The plugin supports versions of WordPress from 4.9.0 up to and including the latest release. However, the plugin does need to be tweaked each time a new version of WP is released. To the best of my knowledge, this has yet to be done for version 5.5.

I have added a paragraph to the Get ClassicPress page confirming the above. Hope this is sufficient, at least for the time being.


It has been updated to work with 5.5. I asked James about it a few days ago (on Slack)


Thanks Oz. I stand corrected.

Hi @1stepforward Thank you for updating the page so it’s more clear. As @james and core-team do indeed need time to update and test, it still might be good to include a sentence to indicate the current version, at least as a temporary measure.

Thank you.

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As Wade stated, the problem with this is that it would add another thing to update every time the WordPress version is updated. So the “simplest solution possible” is not quite right - instead, we need to make a shortcode that pulls the latest supported version from Code contributions are welcome for this task, at

  1. Test a migration from the latest version of WordPress, overriding the plugin’s check as described here:

  2. Submit a pull request to the ClassicPress-APIs repository updating the latest supported release and development versions. Here is an example commit that does this.

My reasoning for building in a maximum WP version check is that the migration plugin will probably work fine for newer WP versions, until it doesn’t. I’m open to revisiting this decision, or to other solutions such as linking directly to the “how to override” instructions from within the plugin’s screen in the admin dashboard.


Ah, thanks James. That’s clearer. I’ll try and make a point of doing this as soon as possible after a new WP release.

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No. I put “latest” for a reason.

^ This.


Just thought it worth mentioning that a shortcode has now been created to show the latest version of WP that the migration plugin works with.

For instance, on the Get ClassicPress page, it now says:

It is possible to migrate from any version of WordPress from 4.9.0 up to and including 5.5.0.

This will update automatically as soon as the migration plugin is updated.


I think this is an excellent idea. I never knew about the override technique and it does make it much easier for testing unsupported versions.

I have just tested the 5.5.1 migration and it looked good to me.