Get rid of the "Cheatin' Huh?

For example you’ve left the browser window open on the WordPress dashboard and your session has expired and you click on a menu item you get redirected to page that says:

Cheatin’ uh?
Sorry, you are not allowed to list users.

This is not professional, nor useful.

It should instead give you a message that says something like:

“You need to login as an administrator to view this page.”

With a login form below

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Author: Ashley Goodman

Vote count: 58

Status: Completed (commit)


  • request-modify-feature


I know we’re making CP more professional. So I’m voting again on this one and encourage others to do so too.


Didn’t CP get this fix from WP?
Ticket #38332 ("Cheating" message insults; needs changing) – WordPress Trac was backported to 4.9 in March of 2018.

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Thanks, you’re right. Looks like it is fixed, using “Something went wrong.” For reference, here’s the commit in CP’s repository

I will mark this petition completed and it will auto-close in a few days, in case there’s something we missed.