Google Analytics tag

This is a request for technical assistance… I’m running 1.6, and Google Analytics asks me to add a TAG to pages I want to track; I don’t know how to do that… here’s what it says to do… can anyone help me add that…

This is the Global Site Tag (gtag.js) tracking code for this property. Copy and paste this code as the first item into the of every webpage you want to track. If you already have a Global Site Tag on your page, simply add the config line from the snippet below to your existing Global Site Tag.

Your best option is to use a plugin to connect Google Analytics with ClassicPress. A good plugin that’s compatible with CP is:

Great! I installed that, and the tracking code seems to work. Apparently, though, it’s not possible to “integrate” the stats into my site… it requires a visit to Google Analytics every time, right?

You can use plugins for that also, the one offered by Google is called Site Kit.

If using CP v1.6 you will need to use this previous version that works with WPCore 4.7:

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