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What might a more robust editing flow with support for collaboration and multiple roles look like as part of ClassicPress?

I think a really solid, seamless integration with Google Docs would be interesting to explore. Google Docs has the best real-time collaborative editing experience I’ve ever seen, anywhere. This is the result of many years of engineering effort.

There are a couple of existing (or previously existing) solutions:

How To Add Pages In WordPress (according to the reviews not supported anymore / not working for common situations, seems to potentially require a account / Jetpack site) (third-party service, requires an account with Wordable, appears to use XML-RPC on the site)

Such a solution could use Apps Script on the Google Docs side to send the document contents to the ClassicPress REST API and store info about the connection in document metadata, but this would require setup for each Google user account.

Another way this could work is with most of the work being done on the ClassicPress PHP side, with a button that prompts you to go through the Google OAuth flow and pick a document to synchronize with a post.

Either way, I think the ideal user experience for this feature would look something like this: the TinyMCE view of post_content becomes read-only on the ClassicPress editing page, but stays connected to the underlying Google doc in the background. Then, people who write and edit stories would have their access managed using Google, and ideally only the person who publishes after everything is reviewed would need to mess with the ClassicPress dashboard.

There are definitely a lot of details to figure out here, such as how to map more complicated content types like embeds over to ClassicPress. This kind of setup would probably be most useful for text-heavy posts.

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I think this should remain firmly in plugin territory.


I wanted to mention that TinyMCE has a paid plugin for realtime collaboration.

I was looking through JS tools and one of my bookmarks was for
It’s not Google docs, but I’m not so sure a tight coupling with an external site would be a good idea.

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I still think this is a cool idea but I am setting the petition to close as I agree it should be a plugin. If anyone wants to work on this then get in touch and we can set up a research repo.

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