Gradient angles (funny)

So… Guideline says Primary Aqua Gradient should be at an angle of 135 degrees.

Here is what it looks like for graphical designers (e.g. in Illustrator):

An here is what it looks like for UX-designers:

And here is what it looks like for CP frontpage visitors:


And here is probably what we really want:

They say, technology makes our life simplier. I say “hmmm…” :slight_smile:


Why does everything handle gradients differently, haha? That’s so interesting.


Why we need a gradient at all? I really want to find a website, where it really does something good.

Thanks for your feedback, everyone! The new website is coming, let’s discuss once that launches.

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Like everything else, it evolved, and at different times. Some tools put 0 at North, others at East. CSS changed from one to the other and browsers had to also. Some themes still do it wrong for the newer browsers (using old syntax).


Yep, imperfection is a main driver of evolution. I feel comfortable with all that, started the topic just for fun. After all, I can fix it by rotating my monitor :slight_smile:


Please, a tutorial for this. Thank you.


Any estimates on when?

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Taking another look at this now that we’ve launched the new website and begun work on organizing our design guidelines better.

There are really 2 different gradients in use. One for the logo, which has “blue” at the top left and “green” at the bottom right, and another one for backgrounds, which has “blue” at the bottom left and “green” at the top right.

This is a better way of explaining the angle, if we provide a number then we also have to provide the coordinate system. CSS is probably the best choice for this since we are a web project.

@BlueSkyPhoenix is the above correct?


I agree with this; it makes the most sense. Thanks.