Greek language not available as Site Language

Since WordPress and WooCommerce supports Greek language, I would like to know the procedure I should follow to make my native language available for Greek speaking people.

Should I look for .po files to use them in Classic-family, Press and Commerce?

I could edit them accordingly and test it on my local system.


P.S.: @Marialena.S are you interested in becoming my extra pair of eyes to reduce the amount of time and effort to finish this task?


Thanks for the offer. That would be very useful.

My (limited) understanding of how CC works in another language is that you first have to select it in the CP settings, then it knows to go off and look for a CC translation in that language.

So I’m assuming that adding Greek to CP is the first step (?).


Well, we need to first know how WordPress does the language option work…and then we import that logic to ClassicPress.

I asked about a year ago to join the translation team but they told me that there were some delays and that they had to resolve some technical issues in order to proceed with the translations - in general- and that they would call me when they would have resolved those technical matters. They didn’t call me and then… I forgot it. I was way too busy to think about the translation.
The last time I checked after all there was only my website running CP in Greece and I don’t mind using English on my dashboard.

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No problem. If you cannot help, it’s alright; all good, have no worries :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for offering, cc’ing @ElisabettaCarrara for her input as Team Lead of Translations.