GUI request: link option "open in new tab"


Low priority, but… In the visual editor, can we add back the “open in a new tab” checkbox to the main “add a link” interface?

WP had it that way for a long time, then moved it to “advanced”. For quite a few reasons, “open in new tab” is a default for any external links. The option should be a primary option, not hidden 3 clicks away.



Nice idea. I’m always hunting around for this and I use it often. Maybe best to start a petition? I’d vote on it.

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I never knew that! But that’s for opening the link on a finished webpage? I think Blaze is talking about making the link in the editor.



I understand now.



I moved out the discussion on should, because frankly, that has nothing to do with @Blaze 's original question. It is not a question of if you should, it’s a question of if we should make it easier for users to add the functionality if they want it.

As for my two cents, I think it’s a great idea to make it easier for users to quickly add a target=_blank to their links.



It doesn’t need a discussion on the forum; it needs a petition. :wink: