GUI request: link option "open in new tab"

Low priority, but… In the visual editor, can we add back the “open in a new tab” checkbox to the main “add a link” interface?

WP had it that way for a long time, then moved it to “advanced”. For quite a few reasons, “open in new tab” is a default for any external links. The option should be a primary option, not hidden 3 clicks away.


Nice idea. I’m always hunting around for this and I use it often. Maybe best to start a petition? I’d vote on it.

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11 posts were split to a new topic: Should you open links in a new tab?

I never knew that! But that’s for opening the link on a finished webpage? I think Blaze is talking about making the link in the editor.

I understand now.


I moved out the discussion on should, because frankly, that has nothing to do with @Blaze 's original question. It is not a question of if you should, it’s a question of if we should make it easier for users to add the functionality if they want it.

As for my two cents, I think it’s a great idea to make it easier for users to quickly add a target=_blank to their links.


It doesn’t need a discussion on the forum; it needs a petition. :wink:



I wanted to debate your point in the forked thread. But you closed it. You decided that “the question was answered” and unilaterally silenced any responses.

That is not democracy. That is a dictatorship.

It’s also incredibly crappy customer service.

By shutting down discussion, you are saying that you know more than the staff at CNN, NBC, and the Washington Post. I would have debated this in the other thread, but… You shut it down

The funny thing is that my OP had exactly zero to do with the same-tab/new-tab argument.

The GUI for adding links includes a check box for “open in a new tab”. It used to be part of the primary pop-up for adding links. WP “hid” it.

I’m just suggesting that CP make it easy for users to use a feature that they like.

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Making suggestions on the forum doesn’t get you very far in terms of initiating change. But I’ve made a petition for this, so you can now go there and add your vote.


Sorry if you felt the the topic was prematurely shut down; it was closed because it was going off-topic (again) to the question asked in the title of the post. I had recommended a couple of times to create a petition to continue the discussion. Going off-topic has been a major theme lately, to the point where an actual post was made about it. Just trying to keep things on the topic of the post title.

Google knows more about properly serving links and they open their own search results in the same window. They are following the best practice and their business is still managing to do great. If you dig deeper, you actually can set your own Google prefs to open search results in a new window only after you do a few extra clicks. This is virtually the same behavior the currently exists in ClassicPress. This feature may have existed before, but, it was moved to be more inline with better practices.


@ozfiddler thank you for creating a petition to continue the process along. This, as mentioned a couple of times, is the right direction to take when wishing to implement any changes to ClassicPress.

@Blaze, here is the thread that I started to encourage threads to stay more on topic: Reminder about keeping threads on topic. We are trying to avoid long threads that change topics multiple times as there have been in the past. I agreed with @Code_Potent closing that thread as the next step for you would have been to open a petition so we could discuss in more detail the pros and cons of such a change.