Hacked or something?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I got today a bunch of email notifications about a thread of mine regarding the inactive plugins that keep on updating, which it was supposedly hidden because it was supposedly flagged by the community as a spam.
The matter is that my post wasn’t a spam. Both the post and the thread had several replies and some useful (at least for me) information and the only spam in this thread seems to exist in its last post from a new member. I got even a notification ( and an email too )to welcome this new member as well…! lol

I think that all these notifications and the emails were send by mistake or were caused by a malfunction of the forum’s system because I have disabled all the notifications and the related emails.

The thread seems to have been flagged as spam out of the blue, as the discussion in this thread runs for more than a month. Not to mention that the forum got in a nanny mode! ( say hello! lol)

Check what caused this please because all these emails I received don’t seem that normal to me. Was the forum hacked or something?


You weren’t hacked and the forums are fine. A spam post was added at the end of the thread. I apparently clicked the wrong Flag button (flagging the thread instead of the post.) I couldn’t figure out how to unflag it. Sorry for the inconvenience; I let @wadestriebel know about the issue and the thread will be restored. This was entirely my mistake. Apologies.


All fixed :slightly_smiling_face:


No worries. :slight_smile: It was unusual to receive that many notifications and that is the reason why I wrote it here. Just in case…


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