Hansson vs Mullenweg Podcast about WP Marketshare

I don’t like the way Mr Mullenweg thinks about that.

What’s your opinions?


Mullenweg in most of his recent appearances just sounds like a big CEO justifying his need for more money. Wether that’s good or bad, I don’t know. Maybe its what’s nessecary for Automattic. But I can’t help but agree with Hansson in that we need more diversity.

Yes, for Automattic as a company. But not for WP, per se. The new monentary injection will also lead to an intensified rush to control WP in even more aspects - to shape its way how CEO Matt and his buddies think it should be, not how the community does. But that has been the sad truth of the last 6 7 years, so maybe he’s just out for cementing that fact.

cu, w0lf.