Happy new user, but maybe slight privacy concern?

I have just migrated to Classicpress, it went perfectly, absolutly love what the developers have done here. I loath all of the toxic bloatwhere and trying to paraiste off users that has become so much a part of wordpress and woocommerce and have spent so long blocking and disabling stuff over the years.

Slight issue of concern, I always used the Snitch firewalll plugin with wordpress, so thought I’d test it with classicpress. The first thing I noticed was classicpress attempting these connections:


I blocked these naturally, but am puzzled why whatever is responsible for this has not been removed, I assumed Classicpress would not want any connections made to wordpress servers, or is that unreasonable?

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CP still relies on WP plugins and themes since the ecosystem is still small and in constant growth.
They will eventually be deprecated in the future when we are ready to stand on our own feet.

The CP themes and plugins directory will be released soon and it already contains themes/plugins specific to CP. This should help boost ecosystem growth.

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