Hard Fork: re:Commerce (in preparation)

Just wanted to drop this in here, as a notice. Been preparing a hard fork of WooCommerce 3.9x, because some of the most important plugins (as in: legal safety) for German shop owners simply dont work with ClassicCommerce (anymore). Probably gonna see the light of the day around end of this year (2021), begin of 2022.

Goals are:

  • get important legal safety plugins (primarly Germany, but also EU) working (again)
  • remove all Jetpack and other BS
  • backport all security fixes and add-ons not related to Gutenborg
  • implementing WP 5 compatiblity “fixes” to make plugins work again, which do not actually rely on the existence of Gutenborg (with the potential of dropping those into the suggested ‘WP compatiblity plugin’ or ‘snippet collection’, too)
  • improving and REMOVING usability and accessibility issues

Background is, that I had to migrate quite a few clients to WP + “regular” WooCommerce lately, just so they are able to continue to use their “important” plugins, of which next to none really require Gutenborg etc. For the next project I’m working on for a client, which is porting an xt:Commerce 4 shop to CP + WooCommerce 3.94 + ACF + custom “Product Addons” plugin, I dont want to be forced to go that step, too. Nor future clients.

Also, additionally planned is the creation of a combined add-on for both Germany and EU legal safety / legality, similar to Germanized for WooCommerce and German Market. Which is specifically aimed towards ClassicPress, and both re:Commerce as well as ClassicCommerce. One that gets the base level done, but offers extended options with a subscription-based “pro” version (without turning the base version into mere trial-ware). Should arrive roughly at the begin of next year (2022).

cu, w0lf.

ps: the name derives itself from a wordplay on “reply” as well as from “redux”. The latter being a WP-oriented, storage-agnostic, headless CMS framework I’ve been working on in the past, quite a few years before the event of forking ClassicPress.


I’ll be one of your early testers!

Wouldn’t it be easier to add missing parts to Classic Commerce since what you want to remove from Woo is already gone from CC and it’s been well tested? It already has comparability plugin, too. Just curious.

If @ozfiddler still around, he might be interested in this project.

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I am currently using CC on a live CP site no issues so far. Only down side I also have to run a WP install to use mailpoet.
Communication with PayPal is not perfect, and may be 1 in 30 orders are left as payment pending even though PayPal has taken the money.
In previous incarnations the site used to do this on WP with Woo as well.

I was initally considering that, too, like, just backport the whole tax class and other parts, which moslty would solve the issue, but instantly ran into other issues, too. At this point, I ran out of time, and time currently is double the money, compared to before the big C, when it just equalled money, so I gave up.

My plans are to eventually join forces with CC at some point - if feasible.

After having watched too many chances go down the drain, and not even being able to offer a ClassicPress-oriented fork of WC to clients - because CC does NOT work even with the older versions of German Market AND by now, also not anymore with Germanized … which are ESSENTUAL plugins for Germany-oriented shops - except if you want build half it yourself, and hand code everything else, too - I initially gave up … but by now I am so fuming to have to work essentially like: Install WP, install Disable Gutenberg, install WooCommerce, helper plugins to disable WC-specific BS, use ACF Pro for an interim means to fumble around with a badly stitched together of a block editor, that next to nobody uses … all the time. AND now those forced ports to WP 5.x + WC 5 - that was when push came to shove.

Also the other reminder: I did join the original ClassicPress Founding Committee, not only because I wanted to be “part of something”, but my original plans where to fork WP myself, including all the consequences this implied. Only when seeing that CC already gathered already a bit of like-minded individuals, I decided to abandon my already prepared fork and join forces instead.

cu, w0lf.

But are you using it with German Market or Germanized, too? We’ve been using a fixed, non-upgradeable backport of German Market, that was supplied by MarketPress, till the end of month, when the owner decided they wanted to switch to “true” WordPress to be able to add more working plugins, esp. to be able to enjoy the current features of German Maket and some of the newer YITH plugin range. And because I’m neither rich nor the owner of the shop, I had to go through with this, albeit crudgingly.

Before, the system ran perfect - we had replaced the base paypal gateway with another, because this base one didnt work properly right from the very start.

Just that German Market was not upgrade-able, and some of the YITH plugins not available, plus that the theme in use, Flatsome, suddenly ran into issues with the HTML widget. Which is entirely the developers fault - they still state their theme is downwards-compatible to WP 4.9.x, which clearly is not the case (tested both with WP 4.9.x and CC, issue remains in both).

FYI: I’m German, living in Germany, focused on the German market. Tries to enlarge my client base to Canadia or North America have failed to far, else things might not look so gloomly.

cu, w0lf.

One thing to consider, your fork of Woo could become Classic Commerce 2.0 version :wink: It would help existing users and give your version a running start with a user base.

Operating in Irish market but with a few orders for delivery to Uk, State and Australia, English only.
Our own theme, updated but pre guten. no yith plugins.
Which PayPay plugin do you use?

For the past few days I’ve been looking at ecommerce solutions to sell some of my services… Nothing satisfactory so far.

If CP can offer a robust ecommerce solution thru this planned plugin, it would be great! That’ll be something to look forward to

My one wish is that the plugin will support PayPal… :smiley:

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Thats indeed another indirect thought I’ve had, similar to what has happened with other projects :slight_smile:

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Update: I’m currently re-evaluating in what ways I might be able to fast-forward changes or changesets from the existing ClassicCommerce project up to WC 3.9.4, and thus skip some implementation work.

The call for a shop system that actually gets PayPal working properly has also been heard, I’m definitely gonna address this … STRONGLY. As I’ve had a lot of “fun” with getting that to work for client sites, too.

cu, w0lf.


Note: Work on this will continue soon, as I’m now finally moving towards continuing to work on the client project which is the placeholder use-case for my fork :wink:

cu, w0lf.


Happy to hear.
I’ve just switched back one site from ClassicCommerce to Woo 3.9.5 (3.9.5 seems a security fix) because my client (suddenly :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) wanted WPML.

why one would want WPML is beyond me, but … lets just say I’m sticking to the latest WC version before the Gutenborgisation :wink:

cu, w0lf.

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