Have a compatibility with themes & plugins

I think to get a wider adoption CP needs to be compatible with existing plugins and themes.
Maybe somehow keep methods consistent and/or do regular partial merges with WP core.

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Author: Svetoslav Marinov

Vote count: 8

Status: Declined


Noting that ClassicPress is already committed to keeping compatibility with the existing plugins and themes that continue to support WP 4.9.x. It doesn’t seem like there’s anything to do here other than just “Keep ClassicPressing”.


As everyone has stated on this petition, ClassicPress version 1.x will continue to be a drop-in alternative for WordPress 4.9.x. So as long as plugins and themes work with WordPress 4.9, they will work with ClassicPress.

Starting with version 2.0, ClassicPress will begin moving away from WordPress ecosystem and building out it’s own ecosystem of plugins and themes. The directory is already in the works and in beta with over 80+ plugins. ClassicPress is slowly becoming it’s own CMS, not just a fork of WordPress. This, unfortunately, means that it will become incompatible with WordPress plugins and themes at some point. Some will work, some won’t. It will be up to the user to test, test, test.

This petition will be set to auto close since version 1.x will continue to support WordPress plugins and themes compatible with WordPress 4.9.

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Worth mentioning that we will make a best effort to remain compatible with WordPress plugins and existing coding practices even in v2 and beyond. The best way to do this while still continuing to evolve as our own CMS is to add new features that are optional and don’t interfere with other parts of the software.

In cases where preserving full backwards compatibility isn’t possible, we will need to take a look at what specific functionality would be affected, and the community will need to decide whether the new feature being evaluated is worth the inconvenience to users or whether we can do more to make the transition easier.

I suspect that we will end up introducing a lot of new features as optional plugins first, which will make it much easier for people to retain full compatibility.