Have we had an update?

I have just opened my site and on the dashboard and on the updates section I have just got this message: An automated ClassicPress update has failed to complete - please attempt the update again now, with a link going to https://chb44.com/wp-admin/update-core.php

Before I press this update and potentially cause problems, I am already on 1.1.2 and wasn’t aware of an update.

So what do I do? Press it and see what happens or ignore it.

I think tagging @james here is better. I was on my CP site and no trace of upgrades. And I am on your same version.
That said, I think we should understand what is going on before clicking the link.

That is what I thought, I didn’t want to click it, as it would be good to work out why first.


If you refresh the page, does the message go away?


Last night one of the plugins needed an update, WP-Optimize, which I did, and then I closed my browser and went to bed. This morning I started things up and saw this message and the little update symbol missing on the top bar. Hence the reason of asking.

I have just checked my plugins and have now besides the first message about the core update, also see: The plugin wp-optimize/wp-optimize.php has been deactivated due to an error: Plugin file does not exist.

I have just checked my files on my hosting and notice that I still have the wp-optimize folder. I also have a .maintenance folder, which if I have a problem with updates in the past, I then delete to redo the update.

I presume the problem is some how linked with the plugin update that has or hasn’t happened.

I haven’t deleted anything or done anything yet. If you want any logs or anything then let me know where they would be. If if I can go ahead and delete .maintenance folder or do anything else then let me know.


Sounds like something went wonky during the wp-optimize update.

Make a copy of the maintenance folder somewhere but I think it should be OK to delete it. Check that the upgrade folder (wp-content/upgrade) is empty too.

Then, if you’ve got FTP/SFTP access, I would download wp-optimize, unzip it and then upload it to your server. Overwrite the existing files. Go back to admin and refresh…and keep your fingers crossed.


Many thanks, deleting the maintenance folder and clearing the upgrade folder did the trick, and returned things back to normal.

Many thanks for your help.


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