Header images missing from forum profiles


If you click through to a member profile, the header image seems to be missing. Noticed on my own profile; verified on another profile.


It looks like a CSS issue for non-admins.

Here is when I am signed in as an admin:

But when I sign out, I see the same as your images above.

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I am upgrading from v2.3.0.beta6 +1 to v2.3.0.beta6 +38 so I will see if that fixes anything.

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It didn’t, so I am going to do a rebuild early next week to see if that will fix this issue and the issue with the perspective API (when we have few users typically on as it will mean some downtime). :slight_smile:


Thanks for the follow up. Good luck!


Hey~ Im an example haha


Don’t make me make an example out of you!
~ Every dad, everywhere


I found this post is also related to missing header images and isn’t too, too old. Probably not the same thing, but, may provide some context for a starting point. Here’s also my console (FF latest, logged in) :


Post-update follow-up: header images still missing on this end.

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Ya they are, they seem to be under the overlay:


So, it’s maybe a js issue… the image isn’t sliding up and expanding to fill the space above.

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Did that fix it?

Pushed a css update to just add some padding.


Too much padding.

Previously, Code Potent showed in the exact horizontal and vertical center of the colored area… Just the tip of the p is showing.


Made it 10% padding, is that better?


I mean, it’s better:wink:

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Whoops, I went from a set pixel amount to a percentage, didn’t realize :wink:

Is that better, now?

Thank you for your help by the way :slight_smile:

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Lookin’ good! Thanks!


Must be something weird going on in Beta 6, that is 1% padding :stuck_out_tongue:

But glad it is fixed :slight_smile:

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