Headless Theme 1.0.0

:new: Headless 1.0.0

The Headless Theme is a ClassicPress theme that allows you to setup a headless installation in minutes without plugins. Coming in at only ~50kb, this is as minimal as you get! This is perfect for installations that will expose data through the REST API, but, don’t require a visual frontend and the extra weight that comes along with it. The theme allows REST API access and pushes other requests to the main index page, which you can design/style however you like. The theme includes no header cruft and gracefully handles 404s and feeds.

:arrow_down: Download

Download Headless Theme 1.0.0

…but wait… there’s more!!

Download the Headless Child Theme 1.0.0 because who doesn’t :heart: a head start?!

:hammer_and_wrench: Usage

Install both the Headless and the Headless Child themes. Make your customizations in the child theme. If you have any custom functions, add them to the functions.php file. Any custom styles can be added to style.css. There are no customizer settings. Here’s a live implementation on my plugin update server. Note that the JS animation isn’t included in the child theme.

:muscle: Performance

The Headless theme is fairly performant as-is, however, you can boost your domain’s performance immensely by applying my list of .htaccess directives for ClassicPress.

:lock: Security

A headless ClassicPress site is still a ClassicPress site, so, don’t overlook security! It’s a good idea to run a security plugin, such as Shield Security. As an extra layer of security, you can also protect your usernames from being scraped with the Username Protection plugin.

:bulb: Issues/Ideas

Please file a report for any issues or requests in the appropriate place:

:man_juggling:: Support

This post is all the documentation there is. If you still need an assist, please create a dedicated thread in the Themes forum and we’ll go from there.



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