Help review petitions before we make changes

Before we make any changes to petitions, we need to triage them and close most of them. The majority of the petitions are legacy petitions from 2018/2019. Many don’t have any votes in the forum but were popular back then.

I’ve already reviewed all petitions, closing many that simply did not fit our philosophy.

But, there were many petitions I wasn’t sure about and I wanted additional feedback before closing them. These petitions were tagged with needs-review.

There are 68 of them. I’m asking everyone who has a few minutes to read a couple of them and voice your opinion on them one last time. Especially any members of @Core_Committers team.

Ideally, try to comment with one of these:

  • Plugin (should be a plugin, not a core feature)
  • Open (keep open for possible implementation)
  • Close (don’t need it, close it)

Keep in mind a few things when you decide:

  • Does it add a new feature to the core, which may increase the code base? Probably needs to be closed, we want to remove features from the core not add them.
  • WordPress used to believe features belong in plugins, and we still believe that. Plugin territory.
  • Sounds a bit too much or very niche? Close it.

By end of the week, if we don’t get through all of these - I will & most will be on a chopping block :axe:

Closed petitions can be re-opened in the future. But we need to clean up and stop hoarding petitions.

Go now, check out petitions with needs-review tag.


Great initiative Viktor. Thanks.