Help Test ClassicPress v2.0

Yes, I know that??
Where did I mention that it would be part of WP? looks puzzled :thinking:

I was just mentioning it as a little funny anectode, because a plugin thats supposed to help you downgrade to older versions of plugins and themes requires a downgrade by itself (from 2.0.5 to 1.7.3), because its current version is not, as they falsely claim, compatible with WP 4.8 (and generally a kind of WP that is not using gutenberg components) :wink:

cu, w0lf.

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This thread I thought was to report problems in core. And again, it’s expected (and not funny, but scary to me) that WP ecosystem is less and less compatible with CP, I am not surprised.
That is why we need to stand on our own feet.
I was able to have a multisite with WP theme and plugins with no errors whatsoever going. (V2 RC1). It’s stable for now. No old versions. Let’s see if it lasts and when it is going to collapse. Because it will sooner or later.

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