Help Test ClassicPress v2.0

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ClassicPress v2.0 nightly is available for testing and is based on WordPress v6.2. There is no block editor (Gutenberg) or Full Site Editing (FSE). Help us test it.


Yes, installed. Now I’ll give it a try and see how it goes. However, you could have changed the admin panel a bit to make a distinction from WordPress and previous versions. Maybe just the color even! :slight_smile:


Ya a new look will be nice

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We will start to work on translations soon. I will let you know.

Going to install a test drive with my current blog content and see how it goes :slight_smile:

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I am currently running ClassicPress V2.x on a sub domain and testing activitypub, friends and webfinger plugins to post to mastodon and Firefish instances. Posts appear in the feed and commenting is both from the Fediverse to ClassicPress and vice versa. If a comment is made, with an image from the fediverse to ClassicPress the image does not appear in the comments.

I have noticed that there can be a lag between the time a post is posted and the time it is recognised by fediverse instances.

Welcome, Richard. Thank you for taking the time to share the feedback. I assume these issues are limited to ClassicPress, and everything works as expected in WordPress?

Are these the plugins you were testing?

We can test and see if there is anything we can do to correct the issues.

Yes, for all three plugins. I am currently experimenting so I’m learning, rather than filled with expectations.

Before answering I ran a quick test post again. When I post from classicpress it shows up almost instantly on but takes time on I think this has more to do with server load than an issue with the plugins or classicpress.

I post once a day with wordpress so I need to experiment more regularly to see if I see a difference in behaviour. I know that switching from version 1.6 to 2.0 already made ClassicPress interacting with the Fediverse more reliable.

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Thanks for sharing. I did plan on testing integration with Fediverse but didn’t get around to it yet. If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to post here. I’ll post if I find any issues in my testing.

I test posted this morning and it was instant with techhub social and Firefish. The post showed up fast, and the comments were fast too.
If someone replies from mastodon and firefish it’s quick, but if you reply from classicpress to those comments propagation is slow.

I have ClassicPress v2 now running on four sites with PHP v 8.0.23 and 8.1.10. No issues. This is a major step forward. Well done guys. :+1:t2:


I agree! that would have been cool.

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As long as I do agree, it is not advisable to do so while there are more pressing matters in terms of features (cleaning core, switching to a new WYSIWYG editor similar to Classic editor and written in vanilla JS before tiny retires support and goes paid, releasing directory integration…
Also the fact it has not changed is better for me because I don’t have to learn a new admin


That is what I was thinking last night after I posted. :grimacing: I think that there is a very slight difference in the outlines of the admin boxes and some rounding of corners, from 4.9 to 6.2, but my wife can’t see it.

I think I just keep looking forward to some small change that shows that this is not WP, it is something different.

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It’s interesting that it’s not apparent to you, but there are actually some quite significant changes that CP (not WP) has made “under the hood” on almost every admin page in version 2.

If they aren’t noticeable, then we did it well! :grinning:

More to come in v2.1!


Every drop-down in admin now has an arrow since the element uses an accessible library - that is one of the things that changed aesthetic-wise that corresponds to a very big advancement in comparison with WP.

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Since I haven’t seen a WP dashboard other than 4.9, I just assumed much it came with WP 6.2.

It looks good I like it!


Been running my main blog in a test environment on v2-nightly since at least September. Just migrated the main site to the RC 1, after I didnt experience any major issues :slight_smile:

… except for WP Rollback, which doesnt work in its latest iteration; kind of a joke that a tool which is meant to do version downgrades - now needs a version downgrade itself to work properly xD (they claim compatiblity with 4.9.x, but in their latest release, they use components not available in 4.9, ie. Gutenborg).

cu, w0lf.

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WP rollback is a plugin. Not core. And this kind of things are expected to happen more and more very quickly unfortunately.