Help Wanted: Revisions/Improvements to Brand Documentation

Our brand has evolved quite a bit over time. It’s a good opportunity to review both the user experience and the consistency of our brand guidelines. @james created an issue for this here, in which he has worked to capture some of the past conversation on the topic and has created a list of potential issues to be discussed and worked through.

There are several issues to resolve with regard to our brand and messaging. @james has suggested that Github would be an appropriate place to manage the discussion around these issues and to track the changes we make. Here in the Forums would be another way to handle that.

If you’d like to help with these tasks, please comment below to indicate your interest, and where you’d like to see the project managed – here in the Forums, or in Github.

Thank you!


GitHub is definitely an appropriate place to manage the logo files themselves, since it allows tracking the latest official versions and their change history. Changes should be infrequent, but when they do happen, it’s important to keep a good record of when and why. I set this up with help from others including @simone and I’m happy to keep managing that part.

Discussion is probably more natural to have here on the forums.

Continuing with a question or two from the issue Michelle linked:

  • When should each of the secondary purple colors be used? Specific situations or elements?
  • The brand guidelines say that #361946 (Deep Violet) should be used for headings, but the site actually uses #057f99 (Primary Aqua) for primary headings and #4b2063 (unlisted in the guidelines) for secondary headers (examples at This looks good to me as-is, how should we update the brand guidelines accordingly?