Hosting provider master thread: GoDaddy


The following is my assessment of GoDaddy. This should not be thought of as a definitive review or recommendation, it is just my experience. Please feel free to add your thoughts in this thread.


  • Good support, as long as you are not reporting a fundamental issue with their platform, of which there are many.
  • Excellent marketing team? (This could also go under Cons.)


  • Slow, lots of unexplained errors (especially while crawling sites quickly), overloaded servers…
  • Prices are way too high for what they offer. Free SSL using Let’s Encrypt for the root domain and multiple subdomains is pretty standard these days, but you won’t get it here.
  • Pretty much everything. Do not use GoDaddy.

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Just to be clear, this isn’t a slight against any marketers. My problem with GoDaddy marketing is it seems to be basically the only place where they invest significant resources, which means people outside of the tech industry associate “GoDaddy == web hosting” but actually they have a pretty awful product.

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Good support? I haven’t seen that. Ever.

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