Hosting provider master thread: SiteGround

The following is my assessment of SiteGround. This should not be thought of as a definitive review or recommendation, it is just my experience. Please feel free to add your thoughts in this thread.


  • Fast, reliable shared hosting at a good price. I have not seen overloaded servers or other strange errors.
  • Standard features like free SSL certificates using Let’s Encrypt.
  • Advanced features like memcached (I’ve not used this on SiteGround, but generally if a host offers this I would consider it a good sign).
  • Good support team.


Does not recognize ClassicPress sites by default and may update them to the latest version of WordPress.

Workaround: Contact their support team and ask them to disable their automatic updater for each ClassicPress site.

(Note: this is not the same as the ClassicPress automatic updater, you can ask SiteGround to disable automatic updates on their end and automatic updates will still work as intended within the ClassicPress code.)

It would not be very difficult for SiteGround to update their systems to recognize ClassicPress sites, but so far they have not done this. If you have sites on SiteGround, please write their support team and ask them to add ClassicPress detection as a standard feature.

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