How do I delete my account?

I want to delete my account on these forums. I can’t see any link allowing me to do this.


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Hey @blaze I will reach out via PM.

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The answer to this should be public knowledge. This is what I was sent via PM:

Regarding deleting your account, in order to preserve the threads you have been apart of there is no way to delete your account. What we can do is anonymize your account which will remove all personal information while maintaining the posts that are on the forums.

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Seems pretty standard. Hoping you get your wish soon.


@blaze has decided against deleting his account and as I mentioned in my message to Blaze, which has been conveniently cut out, we welcome disagreement as long as it follows our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, for more information we refer everyone here.

I am closing this thread as it is no longer relevant.