How is CP going to handle plugin/theme uninstall in a way no reminder is left?

Following from this discussion, I have a question.

Sometimes when a WP/CP plugin/theme gets uninstalled it leaves something behind in code and/or database.

This may lead to sites expressing PHP notices, warnings and fatal errors and/or conflicts in some cases.

Can CP do something about that by encouraging developers to allow for complete plugin deletion? I do not know if this makes sense as a question, but I think since we are at the early stages of developing our own directories, this is one of the things we can improve from WP

This functionality is already in place; it’s up to plugin developers to make use of it.

Also, the site owner bears some responsibility in this, as well. For example, if you were to delete a plugin from the server via FTP, it wouldn’t be able to remove it’s custom post types and options from the database. In that case, it might look like the plugin left data behind, but, in effect, it had no choice in the matter.


Isn’t this only possible if it put something into the mu-plugins folder?
Not many plugins do that.

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I do not know. But it has fidgeted with posts. A site without testing these conundrums and the notices are gone.
And these were used to convert post types in post formats to allow using WP to publish to Tumblr.
So I wiped all away and starting afresh…