How many ClassicPress installs?

I was one of the first to see ClassicPress launched, and have been closely watching from the start. It holds great promise. The main reason we haven’t onboarded, or started moving sites over, is we simply don’t know how many downloads there are.

How many people are actually using ClassicPress?

It’s hard to convert to a platform with only a few thousand installs, but if there were 100K+ or 500K+ installs, then people would be interested. By not showing the stats, people can interpret this as hiding a low number of installs.

If you want people onboard, then I think you need to show the stats. This is one reason I have heard in the WP community, why people are not installing ClassicPress.

Having said, that, I am going to look at ways we can help - web hosting and cPanel. I will start another topic for that.



I can see how this can be interpreted this way, the reality is that pulling stats right now is a manual process. Automating this would be great, but dev time was better spent elsewhere.

Successfully getting support in Installatron was a huge step for us, and hopefully will be the push we needed to get the balling rolling with others.

Having your insight and feedback is definitely something we need so thank you for starting this discussion! :slight_smile:


Even a manual counter with last udpated would be awesomet! Just to give a rough idea. :slight_smile:
Thanx for the quick reply.


Just to add to that, we will shortly also be included in Softaculous.

We’ve had several discussions about stats and the conclusion is that it’s a very difficult nut to crack so if we were to give any stats, they’d be pretty meaningless. Take a look at this thread for a recent discussion.

As you can see, we have very public discussions about this very subject, so we’re not hiding anything.

Fwiw, BuiltWith was showing just 99 installations 2 weeks ago. It also showed that there were just 2 installations in The Netherlands when one member of our community has 50+ installations alone. So, unfortunately, stats are completely meaningless right now.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not important to us. Far from it.