How to include images to your ClassicPress forum post via mobile

How do you upload pictures to your ClassicPress forum post using iOS and other mobile devices.

Not sure about current compatibility with ClassicPress, but, you might check the WordPress mobile app.

WordPress for iOS
WordPress for Android

Or do you mean these forums?

Unless someone added “forum” to the title after the fact, I’m going to need to work on my reading comprehension. :nerd_face:


Yeah, he meant ClassicPress forum post, just click the upload icon, at the right part beneath the editor.

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Sorry, forget keyword ClassicPress Forum Post - I still have not figured out how to upload images to my ClassicPress Forum posts.


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yeah :/)

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Click that arrow icon pointing up, I am on android, but since u said other mobile devices, that’s what I do

Lol, I was confused too, :wink:

Funny, when I wanted to upload an image I was looking at top. Zilly
Yes it was there right in front of me :slight_smile:


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