How to use tags and categories to create pages?

Hello all, new member here. Just reanimated a long-dead personal website to have it be a digital garden. So not really a chronological blog. How would I get all posts to show up on the front page with the tag instead of the date? I’ve made about 15 tags. And then how can I make it so that if you click on a tag, it will load a page with all the posts with that tag? Using Minimal Blog theme: Thanks!

Hey Bob,

Do I understand correctly, you want to replace date with a tag here?

This specific change will require a change to your theme files. Let me know if this is what you want, and we can see what we can do to make this happen.

The second question is related to the first one. Each tag automatically gets a page, for example:

So depending on what happens to the first part of your question, tags can be linked to their pages.

One thing I would recommend, since you don’t want to rely on dates, change your Permalink structure that doesn’t include dates (unless you do want dates in the URLs). Right now your links are:

If you don’t want dates, under Settings › Permalinks, you can find a better structure.

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I am very intrigued by this garden concept since I never heard about that.

As mentioned above to make the tag show instead of the date you need to change the code. Tags and categories do have archive pages (so if you search for onion you get to a page where all items categorized as items show, or you can also put the onion category/tag page in the menu). To have an home page that after the change suggested above shows all tags/categories in random order (as far as I can understand you are trying to achieve a Google keep functionality more or less) needs a further change to the theme to happen since WP and CP are set to show all published items in chronological order if the “show published items in home page” is selected and you need to change the template to override this by having a front-page template that you will use for the home instead of the standard page template WP and CP use.

Then you are good to go.

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Yes, thanks! That’s exactly what I want. I also went in and added categories as well as tags, since I thought that perhaps that would be the best way to make pages. Guess I was on the right track to start with. I don’t mind some date information being somewhere with the post, but I don’t want that as the “header”, if that’s the right term. I’ll play with the theme. Also, is there a way to click on the three dots at the bottom to read the rest of the post? With this theme, looks like I have to click on the title. Thanks!

A digital garden is a concept that got attention a couple years ago. Basically it’s something in between a Tweet and a blog. It’s not meant to be polished, long-form writing. Just something you’re thinking about. You can also do some Learning in Public. I suppose the idea is that it’s your own little garden, and you can tinker with it as you please, instead of aiming for views or influence or whatever. This article is the one that got me interested: A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden

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I am doing something like that with Notion after being advised by a friend to use it to “take notes, collect thoughts” that were coming from a Joomla course I was attending. I did just that, i started to jot down something about Joomla on a page and continued to edit it. Now that “thing” has become an humongously big chunk of wall of text, formatted with headings and not shared on the web.

I am toying around the idea of making something out of it, seems a waste to just keep it for my eyes only. I want to do the same for ClassicPress also and again it seems really wasting time if it’s only personal notes in a private environment.

This concept of digital garden, when I am about to decide how to start blogging again after many years of not doing it, having to relearn everything blogging and so on… the thing you are explaining about digital gardening make very much more sense to me than a regular blog.

Thanks for the time you took to explain the concept.

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Glad to help! It’s a pretty cool concept and just happens to coincide with my wanting to do more of this kind of writing anyway. We’ll see! Now if I can only get those three little dots to be a clickable link to the rest of the post in my theme, I’ll be thrilled!

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