.htaccess file

So, I setup classic in a subdomain of my companies domain. I then used godaddys “clone” ability to clone it to the main domain. This was mostly successful except with I login as the admin dashboard side bar isnt there and when I when I put wp-admin into the url it says “Sorry, you cannot access this page”. I did some comparing of the two databases an in user and in option they seem identical other then the domain main of course. I dont know if this is an .htaccess issue, the htaccess file doenst seem to have much in it.

At first glance and without more info on the hosting environment it seems be a folder permission issue, try resetting files and folders permissions in the main folder.

all the folders are 755 and files are 655

then the issue might reside in .htaccess or wp-admin. I never encountered such an issue however. One question: when you migrated the install was placed in the root and not in a folder correct?

to be more clear: you did install

  • ROOT > website
    and not
  • ROOT > folder > website

I understand you installed a subdomain to use as staging, and then moved everything as is? usually staging sites have configurations in .htaccess to prevent them to be public (if they go online it defeats the purpose of a staging) - moving it as is might have ported those settings to root folder this means you can’t visit the dashboard?

the subdomain one is root>folder>web, after the clone it was root>website. So I didnt make the staging one to be staging, it has no restrictions in that manner. I’m did the cloning to make someone more important then me happy, it wasnt my intention at first so I made it with the intention of it being the public facing site.

So far as the admin dashboard sidebar is concerned, there’s a button with an arrow at the bottom left of the screen that enables you to expand and collapse the sidebar.

As for the bigger problem, it sounds like a permalinks issue to me. If you can get to Settings->Permalinks, that might solve the problem. If not, or it doesn’t, you probably need to add a line or two to a configuration file in your operating system. Which one are you running?

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