Htaccess rewrite rules on migration


If a plugin creates a custom post type with custom rewrite rules, but doesn’t update (flush) the rules, the end user has to revisit the permalinks page or the new CPT results in 404s; this is one reason for revisiting the permalinks page. Uninstalling that same plugin would, again, take a trip to the permalinks page to remove the rules.



Thanks John. I can appreciate the need in that scenario. Just didn’t think of it as part of the migration process.

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@CodePotent you are right, I was also living in a lie like you said in Slack :rofl:

It always calls the flush_rewrite_rules() inside the options-permalink.php

btw: That screenshot was taken with a VSCode extension called Polacode



I had stuck that on my to-do list for further investigation…thanks for following up on it, @rui …and thanks for the early morning laugh!

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This issue has been fixed in the develop branch here:

The fix will be included in 1.0.0-rc2, coming out tomorrow.

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