Hyperlink issue on Android devices

Hello All :wave:.
I hope you are fine .

I meet a problem when I use classicpress on Android devices: when I want build an hyperlink on a post ,I have this:

The tab open an close quickly in a infinite loop .

I tried on edge and google chrome browser and it is the same thing .

Could you help me ,if someone has an idea about this .

I use classicpress V1.6

Edit: I found a temporary work around by use text mode ,but it is not funny :sweat_smile:

Thanks for reporting this. I was only able to replicate this partially. When I try to add a hyperlink on my Android using Brave (Chromium) browser, it works and shows the link popup. But if I close the keyboard while the popup is open, I can see the same behavior as your video. The pop-up starts jumping up and down.

What are you using for your dark mode in the admin? If it adds any JS, I would try disabling it and see if that helps.

I use “ClassicPress twentyseventeen” theme, and i use this to turn my site in dark mode:

i tried to turn this in “light/white mode” but it did not solve the problem. (i tried on my mobile phone and on my two android tablets and same problem).

it is really strange, i will try with Brave to see if it change something.

thanks for answer.

Edit: i tried with brave and i have same things:

Do you think that my .htaccess file can be the cause of the problem?

No, I don’t think htaccess would cause issues like this. It’s most likely something in JavaScript. We’re looking into it, and I’ll post once I know more.

Did you, by any chance, test this in v2 yet?

CitationDid you, by any chance, test this in v2 yet?

Yes :grinning:,i made tests with V2 and all work like a charm (there is no issues).

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