I don't have access to the admin dashboard

Dear, please help.

I have a problem with one of my pages.
I’ve done everything I know to solve the problem, but I can’t do it at all.
Since a few days ago, I can’t access my admin interface, that is, I get a white screen.
When logging in, it correctly receives my username and password, so there is no wrong password or username.
In the meantime I haven’t installed any plugins or themes so to say it conflicts with any of them-
I changed the password manually on my server in PHP admin, but still the same.
I also thought that something went wrong with the automatic update of ClassicPress, so I manually installed the 1.5.2 version of CP, but it did not help

The page is displayed when not in the admin interface.
I have properly registered on the site with another username (as a subscriber) and I have access to the subscriber interface.
This is that page
I don’t know what to do anymore, so I hope you will find a solution for me on how to proceed

Important: Always take a backup before making any changes.

Ideally, what you would like to do is check your error logs. cPanel will usually have error_log file in the public_html folder. It should list the PHP error and the file responsible for the error, which would tell you what plugin or theme is causing it.

If you don’t have error_log you can try enabling debugging in ClassicPress. Once enabled, you need to log in to generate errors. Then see what you can find in debug.log file.

If you don’t have an error log and want to access your admin, have you tried disabling plugins manually?

If you have cPanel hosting, using File Manager, go to public_html folder, then wp-content. You will see plugins folder there. Rename it to something else, like plugins2. Then try to log in to your website. If a plugin is causing white screen error, it should go away now and your dashboard will load.

As soon as you mentioned “manually disable plugins”, I remembered that I used to do it before (I would change the name of the plugins folder to pluginsdeactivated), but I didn’t do it on this occasion.
And I’m going to do it. With this act I deactivated all plugins.
after that I was able to access the admin interface of my site.
Then I removed “deactivated” in the file manager and activated one by one add-on until I got to add-on whose activation I had a white screen again.
And the plugin that caused me this problem is this
The interesting thing is that it shows on the page that the plugin was last updated 4 months ago, but I had no problems with it until a few days ago.
Maybe it’s conflicting with another plugin?
After deactivating this add-on, I have access to the admin interface again

I have an error_log file in the public_html folder
But I don’t think I need it now, since the problem has been solved to some extent

P.S. This plugin is very useful for me because I use it to inform my visitors about important things (for example, that they have to turn off the ad blocker if they want to play a certain game)
can you suggest me some alternative for this plugin

I reported the same issue to popupmaker a few days ago, and supposedly, they’re working on an update/patch.

BTW, the problem seems to be that the plugin calls for a function missing (I guess?) in CP:

To continue use of the plugin while awaiting a fix from popupmaker, I commented out a couple sections of code in /wp-content/plugins/popup-maker/classes/Admin/Notices.php:

starting line 134:
/*case ‘environment’:
if ( $extra && ! self::check_environment( $extra ) ) {
unset( $notices[ $key ] );
break; */

starting line 260:
/*public static function check_environment( $type ) {
$env = wp_get_environment_type();

switch ( $type ) {
case ‘local’:
return ‘local’ === $env;
case ‘staging’:
return ‘staging’ === $env;
case ‘development’:
return ‘development’ === $env;
case ‘production’:
return ‘production’ === $env;
return false;

I’m not a programmer, so I wouldn’t get into that
Is there any alternative to this supplement?

Popup maker seems to me to go to WP version 5.5 or above
In response to this query we have…
"We’re sorry you’re seeing this error.
Is it possible to update my WordPress version to 5.5 or above?"

You can wait for Popup Maker’s possible update/patch, but I don’t have great confidence they will deliver.

If you need this plugin now, the last version that should work with ClassicPress is 1.7.0. This is probably the best short term solution.

With the upcoming ClassicPress v2.0, it may work again. But that’s something we’ll need to test.

Is there any alternative to this supplement?

Popup Maker developers said they will release a fix this or next week. So something is coming.

Our development team got back to us confirming the issue and will be sending out a patch this week.

They’re also pushing to release an official update next week.

We appreciate your patience. :pray:

In the meantime, you can also try the solution outlined by our dev in another post here.

Let us know if you have more questions or if there’s anything else we can help with.

I haven’t used any popup plugins, so I can’t recommend anything from personal experience. You can check out Popup Box, and it should work in CP without issues. I checked the functions their plugin uses, and it does support 4.9. So it should work.

If you want to continue using Popup Maker, you can downgrade to 1.7.0 and wait for them to release a fix this or next week. Then upgrade to the latest version.

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Popup Maker has released their update (1.18.2), and I can confirm it fixes the issue.

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