Idea: custom polling widget/plugin

In Feedback Requested: Intro Paragraph for Readme file we used a forum poll as a committee vote.

Several community members who are not part of the committee voted in the poll. This is easy enough to account for, but it could be better.

I think we should have a poll widget that understands how to tally votes separately based on whether or not the voter is a member of the committee. So instead of just displaying votes for/against something, results would be tallied and presented like this:

  • Committee votes
    • For: UserA, B, C (3)
    • Against: D (1)
  • Community votes
    • For: UserE, F (2)
    • Against: (0)

Note I am not suggesting we limit voting to committee members only. Although that might be an easier solution to implement, if the committee votes 10-1 for something but the community votes 10-50 against it, that’s something I’d be very interested in knowing!

This will probably mean some Discourse plugin hacking. Votes would need to be tallied based on committee membership at the moment they’re cast, rather than when they’re displayed, since the members of the committee will vary over time.


Yes, I’ve now experienced the futility of posting instructions from both sides. If the plugin can show the results publicly for both tallies that would be nice so we can all see.


Looks like this had been requested a few times in the Discourse community.

A work around for now is a vote in a category where only committee members have write access but everyone can see and then a second vote in a public category where everyone can vote.


Then you will have committee members voting twice :upside_down_face:

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True - I mean we could ask committee members not to :man_shrugging: