Idea to make CP better than WP - at least for developers

It would be real nice to have an advanced mode for tinymce editor that would make editing in Text mode similar to the other code editors where line numbers appear and tabs can be used for spaces. This would be a 100% improvement for HTML wizards (and wizardesses) and make the editing experience a WORLD better than WP post/page editor. Maybe replacing/switching out tinymce for CodeMirror (with editor tools…???) but I’m studying the two and have not dived into the possibilities.

Maybe a plugin at first and then port the plugin into core, once it is running smooth. But I think a real code editor for Text tab would be FANTASTIC—what say others?

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As far as I remember there are plugins for this. You can search for code highlighters that helps you both publish code snippets in the front-end and edit in the editor like it’s a code editor.

To me that one is a plugin territory feature because not everyone would need that, and it’s easier having a standard editor that people can implement features on with plugins when they need them.

WP Editor may be worth a look since it can replace the page/post editors.

This one is for editing theme and plugins files from dashboard, also. So it doubles up with two features in one. And it’s a good candidate for what @tradesouthwest needs.

Keep in mind however that theme and plugins editing from dashboard is present in CP v2 and is disabled by default so if you want to edit them in v2 you will need to activate editing, in case editing is not activated this plugin will work only for posts/pages.

I did not notice the editor thing in v2, I have 2 sites running v2 beta and both show the theme and plugin editors like WordPress always did. Anyway, WordPress (and ClassicPress) have line numbers in the theme/plugin editors now, and one downfall of WP Editor is that it does not spellcheck where the stock editor does. It can be used to enhance the page/post editors, but would depend on how important being able to have line numbers, use tabs and apply common color schemes is over having the spellchecker.

Somewhat off topic since it cannot be used to edit a page/post, I found WP IDE useful for quick edits from the dashboard, or when away from your main IDE. This plugin does work with v1, but you will need to edit the requirement from 5.0 to 4.9 so you are allowed to install.

The theme/plugin editor disabled by default was mentioned by @viktor some days ago, here on the forums if I recall correctly. I think it is something they still need to implement in the nightly build (that is a nightly and thus still a very work in progress for now)

And the plugin you mention is advanced stuff. Since it can access also the core I would recommend only people knowing what they are doing install it otherwise they can jeopardize their site. The theme/plugin editor will be defaulted to disabled in new installs of v2 for that reason, someone not having a good understanding of what they are doing might accidentally break their site.
But it is as you say a good plugin for developers who know their way around the core.

Elisabetta is correct:

As for code editor, it would need to start as a plugin to see what type of feedback we would get. I’ve seen multiple implementations and tried some a while back.

The question is, does it really need to be in the core? I don’t know, that’s for the community to decide.

Is that to say it would only be disabled for a new install, and sites converted from WP would not be affected, or will all sites have the editors disabled once integrated into v2? Curious about how it will affect sites, not that I use those internal editors much.

This will only affect websites that go through installation process to generate wp-config.php.

We’ve changed the wp-config-sample.php template.
If a website already has wp-config.php, nothing will change.

To me it is plugin territory, because it “extends” the basic editor.

One can have the ClassicEditor and then many plugins extending it like the ones above, or Enhanced Editor that is a fork of TinyMCE Advanced or a plugin allowing a different feature for editing like Hax the Web.

All of them have to rely on the core editor, and extend it. And this IMHO gives real freedom because when it’s in core is forced on every user while plugins can be selected directly by the users who needs the specific feature.

However, should the community prefer to have this in the core in the future this would mean that the “audience” is composed of people who make use of it, and it would make sense. But at this stage I have seen many types of users and not everyone writes directly in HTML for posts or pages.

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Agree. Maybe I was too hasty for CP dominance of the SkyNet

+one for all the other comments.

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Here is a typically day at ClassicPress for me.


Same page in Visual mode. I could still use some help developing my MixMat plugin (only on Github) GitHub - tradesouthwest/mixmat-tsw: Mixmat Page Mixer gives editors an easy way to sectionalize the posts and pages without knowing CSS or HTML.