Installation dimensions

I have a video game page.
I set up games with an iframe code embedding system.
Now something is bothering me about the dimensions of the installation, ie the height and width of the installed media or game.
Example 1 set dimensions Width 100% height 600 and it is more or less OK.
Example 2 the set dimensions are 100% height and 100% width and in the example (only this one example is for this query) it can be seen that the height of the built-in is not even close to the built-in game from example 1
Is it up to the wordpress theme or something completely different and can it be fixed that when you put 100% x 100% that it goes max in width and height and not like this as in example 2

I hope you understood what I meant
Thanks in advance for your help

No, it’s not the theme. It’s how iframes work. Supposedly, the width and height are pixels and the % is ignored, but it doesn’t behave as if the number is used that way either. It’s very picky and hard to choose a number because people can visit on different devices so they need different sizes.

Problem solved with CSS code.

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