Installation updates, are the htaccess rules the same?

Two years after hearing about ClassicPress I’ve finally had an opportunity to install it over an old WordPress site. Thanks to Wade and Michelle for sorting out my forum login issue.

Installation: Firstly, I installed ClassicPress over a WordPress 5.6 using the plugin. I managed to edit a setting in the plugin allowing me to do this. Everything went well. Though it does say on the dashboard it cannot check if there’s a new version available or not?

Htaccess: Could someone please let me know if anything had changed in the htaccess settings? I’d like to harden the installation as per I’m guessing everything is the same with htacess, just wanted to ask here first.

ClassicPress the future: Finally, I’ve had a look are the forum, and online in general and things seem a little quiet. How is ClassicPress doing? Is everything being updated? How is the future looking? Reason for asking, is that I’ve several sites I’m thinking of moving over to ClassicPress, and just want to make sure they are future proofed in regards to support, plugin updates, themes etc.

Many thanks if someone could help with the above!


ClassicPress is WordPress 4.9, but with Long Term Support ( LTS ) by the community.

Your .htaccess settings should work right out of the box, unless you have edited them in a way that need slight modification, but I honestly doubt you need to do so.

The future is bright.

The project is quite active behind the scenes; we like working in incognito mode without making a fuss.

Feel free to join our Slack channel(s).


I agree with this, and we are planning a meeting to discuss 2021 goals and plans so keep an eye out for that :slight_smile:


Thank you for that. I tried to have a look at the slack channel. It said something about needing an invite?

" Don’t have an email address?
Contact the workspace administrator at ClassicPress for an invitation"

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Because WordPress 5.6 added Application Passwords, there is a line in the .htaccess file that is not in older versions:
RewriteRule .* - [E=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%{HTTP:Authorization}]
But it shouldn’t hurt anything to leave it there.

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@dtheme - I just sent you an invite to the Slack channel. Welcome!


That line isn’t always required (though it won’t hurt). Whether it’s necessary depends on the server setup.

Many thanks

Thank you, I wrote up new htaccess rules and they all worked fine on ClassicPress


Thank you!

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