Installed through Softaculous, Can't Access Admin Page

Hello. I’ve installed ClassicPress through the Softaculous Installer through my Cpanel (on It prompted me to create a username and password. Done. However, when I try to access my admin page, this is what I get:

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.


How long since you pointed the DNS for your domain?
Installing with softaculus does not mean you domain is propagated as yet

I imagine it didn’t point anything :slight_smile: Do you have a good forum post to point me to for doing so?

Thanks for your reply!

The general steps for setting up a new ClassicPress site are something like this:

  • Buy the domain name
  • Buy a hosting account and set up ClassicPress on it (it sounds like you’ve done this part)
  • Make sure the DNS is configured correctly so that when someone visits your domain name, they get directed to your hosting account behind the scenes

Specific instructions for finishing your site setup vary depending on your web host. I suggest getting in touch with Namecheap support and they can help you further.


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