Is it easy/doable to put the performance improvements from Wordpress 6.1 on ClassicPress?

I was just wondering.

Since ClassicPress already feels faster than WP for me, I think it might be a good idea to implement the performance changes that WP has been doing.

Is that easy/doable to do?

Aren’t WP’s recent performance enhancements aimed at blocks, which CP doesn’t have?


A good part yes, but there is this one: Improvements to WP_Query performance in 6.1 – Make WordPress Core

WordPress 6.1 includes an improvement to how database queries are performed in the WP_Query class, resulting in database queries will be cached. This means that if the same database query is run more than once, the result will be loaded from cache. For those using persistent object caching, this will mean that the database query will not run again until caches are invalidated, resulting in far fewer queries to the database. Sites using in-memory caching will also see the benefit of not repeating these queries, though the performance improvement will not be as significant.

This one was mentioned in CP Slack. Tim said it defeats the purpose of specifying which fields to retrieve.
What is the standard use case to optimize for?

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Ah, it was just a suggestion. If it is not that useful, ignore it hehe, sorry

As a follow-up, it can introduce errors. See this commit that just happened:

WordPress commit r54766

Query: Don’t attempt caching if running a WP_User_Query before plugins_loaded.
In #55594 user meta caching was enabled by default when making a WP_User_Query.
Previously, this was only enabled if a developer specifically queried for ‘all_with_meta’ fields. User meta caching is implemented using a pluggable function, cache_users. If a plugin runs a WP_User_Query before pluggable functions have been defined, this will now cause a fatal error.

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This will be addressed in re-forking.