Is the Plugin Directory accepting submissions?


I tried a month or so ago to submit our Shield Security plugin to the directory and after filling everything out, when I click to submit… nothing happens.

It was “new” so I figured I’d leave it for a while in the hopes it’ll be improved over time.

Just tried again today and I’ve filled in all the fields but again, click to submit and nothing happens.

Is this working at the moment, or what is the process?


Just took a look at the console etc and it seems it’s making the submission over AJAX… so it appears the submission is going through to somewhere with an HTTP 200 response, but there’s no UI update in the browser.

Can someone confirm receipt of the submission? There’ll probably be quite a few duplicates since I’ve hit that button a few times to test.

Did you follow the approach outlined here:

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nope, but I have since done so. thanks.

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