Is the Slack dead/gone?

There is a link here: Our Community is Important! | Get Involved | ClassicPress

It says, “Make an account on our Slack channel,” and down below that is this link: Slack

If I click that link from my iPhone or iPad, it says, “Your permission to join this Slack has been revoked”. Can’t do anything else. It doesn’t take me to Slack (where I have an account and a member of multiple communities). It’s a dead end.

If I click that same link from my laptop, it goes to a page that asks me to log in via Gmail, Apple, or my email address. I have none of these, I have my own domain name, so this was very confusing.

Finally, up in the right in tiny letters I realize there is “Already have an account? Sign in here”, and I DO have my own Slack account, so I click on that. I’m thinking this has to work.

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 5.09.16 PM

It takes me to a page that says if I put in my email address, it will send me a code to log in to the various Slack servers I’m a member of. This is standard, it’s how I log into Slack from any new machine. Fine, I put in my email address, and it takes me to a page that lists all the Slacks I’m a member of - great, except the Classic Press Slack isn’t anywhere on that list.

I notice from the forums that someone else had a problem similar to mine but that was two years ago, and there didn’t seem to be any resolution for it.

This is exhausting and confusing. Is the Slack gone and the links were left up?

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Slack is very frustrating with the way the handle login links, I assume ours catch all link expired which is why it is asking for an @classicpress email. Let me take a look.

Can you try this link:

cc @viktor @MattyRob the join url should be updated to the following link too. I created it as a shared invite that doesn’t expire (not that it helped last time…)

Thanks @hollie and @wadestriebel. Slack did change it. We’ll update it on the website as soon as possible.

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Thank you! The link above did work.

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Slack’s join link has been updated, so it should work everywhere on the main website now. For future reference, this is the main join link:

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