Is There a ClassicPress Swag Store?

We’re good to set something up if you like. Is CafePress the way you want to go?

Also, responding to your comment about the donation buttons on the site; I’m going to look into something else for that as well.

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I think - while I don’t like their shipping region restrictions - for a start it probably is best to use a service providing the store.
So cafepress to me seems ok.


I agree, CafePress is a good starter option. We can revisit this once CP has an actively maintained e-commerce plugin.


Hello everyone – the ClassicPress shop is now available here:

All proceeds go to the ClassicPress Initiative to help defray costs of maintaining the ClassicPress project. Thanks!


Thanks for setting this up! I just ordered a shirt :eyes:


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The green circle + feather too me seems a bit huge, but let’s see what users feedback. Let’s hope many buy :grinning: (and share this often so it doesn’t get buried)

Hi @anon66243189 – I can adjust the size of the icon if needed; that was what defaulted when the image was uploaded. However, it has to be done for each product individually so it would be helpful to know what products need to be changed.

I would reduce circle logo a bit, maybe 20%. Also, a few shirts have the logo a bit high on the chest - not all though. For example:

I would move the logo on shirts like these a bit down, right below the arm put like the one on the right.

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I agree - did not even see the “high on the chest” before.

I also saw this one ClassicPress Icon Men's Zip-Up Hoodie ClassicPress Icon Sweatshirt | CafePress and I would make it smaller too.

For the big circle I actually would use just the feather, no circle. Because with circle it looks like “stamped”, while with just feather, it could look real “light and non-invasive”
Also those big areas of color tend to dissolve real quick in sun and washing machine. so the less color we apply, the better (more durable).

Can we also have the Stickers being actual shapes and not circles? I do not know if the store builder allows that. I refer to Sticker (Square 10 pk) | CafePress. Can we not make it round, so that the actual sticker is exactly of the size of the green circle/area?

My long sleeve just arrived, looks good :ok_hand:


Hi @anon66243189 and @viktor – this was all auto-placed by the cafepress but I’ll try to get back in there to make adjustments.

I can definitely delete the circle logo shirts and replace them with just a feather logo shirt.

On the stickers – unfortunately they only offer squares, rectangles and ovals.

Also, FYI, CafePress only allows one design per product. I tried to split the full logo and the icon between the different styles / products but if you don’t see a particular design on a particular style of shirt (deluxe short sleeve, for instance) that’s why.

@wadestriebel - I’m glad you’re happy with the shirt! Looks great!