Is There a ClassicPress Swag Store?

I’d like to have a sticker for my laptop and maybe a T-Shirt.


Unfortunately not.

I think if we’d get some interest in this we could consider it, but currently there’s nothing alike that, unfortunately.

It’s actually not that expensive to prepare the swags, what’s more a problem is storing them and shipping them.
Shirts for example you need several sizes, which then if not sold get old and the project has limited funds…

However it should be something to consider for the project, I guess, as a way of supporting it with swag sales…

I’m based in a good place for that actually, shirts and prints here cost a fraction of what they cost abroad. I could even store them. Shipping abroad however is expensive everywhere. It’s a cost that would need to be charged to the consumer- making the swag more expensive and the reward less for the project.

How much would you be willing to pay for say one sticker and a shirt?

For example wp swag shirt costs 18us

I could easily let it produce with a profit for that price. Yet shipping from here would cost almost double that price, internationally.
And the delivery time would be around a month.

Not ideal.

Actually, I was thinking there would be a link to an etsy store or something like that, maybe Printify. If there isn’t anything currently available, I’ll see what I can come up with.

Looks like something like Printify would pretty much run itself as a store, but I wasn’t looking for another job. :slight_smile:

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I have not much experience with such things, did not know that there are actual “ready” solutions for it, but of course - what has no solution in 2022 :rofl: … - so I just thought old school “build and ship” way.

Let us know if you set something up, I am also pinging @wadestriebel and @James here as directors because they might want to have a word here. If we set something up it would be good it to be “official” I think

How in heaven are they making all this for “free”?
Where is the caveat?

5 stores, unlimited product designs… I do not see why not to use this, it seems to cost no cent, thus only bringing eventual revenue to CP (if then we are even allowed to do that in our terms of non-profit org CP is registered as)

Yeah well shipping ain’t exactly cheap.
Roughly 10 dollar per item and you can’t add more than an item per shipment, you’ll however get a discount if it’s the same item type and print service

So a shirt for example would result in a total price of roughly 18 usd - but if you’d be ordering a sticker with it, that’s going up by at least another 10 bucks + sticker price
However still cool since as long you don’t sell, it also doesn’t cost - which is good because basically you can just „try to see if it works“

The easiest option would be CafePress. Wouldn’t hurt to make a few logo tshirts, mugs, etc.

@james @wadestriebel is this something that can be done/set up? I can probably help format graphics into templates ready to be uploaded.

Found this last night. Might give a better feel for the posibilities.
I’m going to say they make their money selling the base product.
We’re selling their shirts for them. :slight_smile:

CafePress seems to ship only to few countries, while Printify steps to every country (unless Guadeloupe, North Korea, Russia, and Ukraine, who’d have guessed that, I can’t ship my face on a shirt to Kim :thinking:)

Even while most of the users are likely based in US/EU, we do have folks based in Africa and Asia, which seems not included in the CafePress shipment options.

I tried to read through the list provided by @Ttown - but that is too much lol.
Interestingly I cannot see either Printify nor CafePress on that list…
Skimming through it I saw many expect you to create a campaign, which isn’t ideal, and others seems limited in the type of produce that actually is sold/customisable.
I’ve asked an acquaintance of mine who sells swags where they get theirs done - they are doing this since 12 years now so they might just have some valuable input, will update here when I receive reply.

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Thanks @smileBeda.
Printify was my first guess, but not a recommendation. I have no idea how to proceed.
I can print stickers for my own use, if I can get the printer to work. LOL

Yes please let me know what you find out. I have a contact too that might have more info.
I’ll post back here if I find anything.

Next question: Are there approved ad creatives for use in an ad campaign? If I wanted to run them as PSA on a website, for example.

If I’m not mistaken, Printify (and also Printful, which I use) are drop shippers and do not provide a marketplace or e-commerce store. You must use third-party e-commerce integration with Woo, Shopify, etc. But, since CP uses CC for donations it might be possible to integrate. But that sounds like a lot of work if everything works, even more work if it doesn’t.

That’s why I said CafePress might be the easiest option as the products are sold directly on the CafePress website, so there’s no need for an e-commerce store. Here’s an example.

Too much work means it won’t get done since we have limited resources.

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All our “creatives” are listed here ClassicPress Brand Guidelines | ClassicPress (there’s also a link to git repo for the assets)
That’s about all that there is, and what you can use if you want to show “official” logos etc.

It’s funny - from hat page I gather:

  • ClassicPress typically does not allow third-party use of our logo or brand features to create paraphernalia or swag. If you would like to propose usage of our logo in this manner, please contact the Design Team Lead for further discussion.

… Who’s this design team leader?

I believe that was @BlueSkyPhoenix, she’s the third director of the CP non-profit.

If there’s anything done for the swag store, it would have to be an official store. So one of the directors would need to get everything set up, including banking info to receive payments, etc. That way, once set up with products, it would be more or less on autopilot.

Hi All,

Sorry I haven’t been around in quite some time; there’s been a huge amount of upheaval here and I needed to attend to that.

Yes, I originally set up those brand guidelines, and the guideline you quote is really intended for those outside of CP who may want to use our brand – one example would be to create the impression that we are co-branding a product with them, which can imply our endorsement (and we might not want that).

Early on we discussed swag and I looked into many of the same solutions you’re proposing. The biggest blockers were shipping costs (especially international) and fees.

I agree with @viktor here, I think that an official store is best; ClassicPress Initiative has the bank account and manages the funding of the project, so that’s where the money could flow through. So – I guess a decision needs to be made about how we want to proceed:

What POD service will we use? Is it something that integrates with CP, or a standalone service?
Who will be responsible for monitoring sales and making sure everything runs smoothly?
What items do we want to sell in the shop?

Let me know how I can assist.

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What POD service will we use?

I think if we set one up, delivery should be as International as possible. Unfortunately this means two things as far I have read about those tools: delivery costs increase, and it usually needs a self-stored store. Thus I think the Printify is not bad but also not super ideal. CafePress would avoid the self-storing of the store but they do not deliver very widely. I think the choice would be between PrintFul or Printify, but I haven’t yet got feedback from my acquaintance so I would want to wait to put my finger on one of them or a third.

Is it something that integrates with CP, or a standalone service?

It will most likely be a self-stored, WC integrated solution. Printify does ship their own integration plugin which works with old WC and WP, so that would mean theoretically it should also work with CC. But CC is an outdated unsafe piece of do-not-touch-me IMO. We should not use it. And that presents a problem, we are literally not capable of running an eCommerce store with CP. Not safely or with updated and maintained plugins anyway. So that brings back the question of self-stored vs something like CafePress which builds the shop for you…

Who will be responsible for monitoring sales and making sure everything runs smoothly?

No one can do this but directors. I have been asking since last year for more diversified access to the core things such as Git Repos, Websites, Servers, and other controls. This has not been done, partially also because there likely is not enough trust in eventual “helpers” or “fallback people”. Thus, IMO, this should be done by those who do have the access to do things when they need to. “monitoring sales and making sure everything runs smoothly” means that you can react when it is needed. If someone without any rights or caps monitors, that person won’t be able to react when it is needed, and thus, the whole monitoring is for nothing, as they still would need to “wake up” someone who can react.

What items do we want to sell in the shop?

That is another question that should if possible be defining the choice of the platform used. The best would literally be if we could just upload our creatives and the prospects could build their swag by choice. So we wouldn’t have to say “we have shirts and long sleeves and coffee mugs but no mousepads”. I’m not sure such service exists. If it does not, and most services do seem to force you to build a stock of things first, then I would propose to offer shirts in perhaps 3 sizes unisex, perhaps long and short sleeve or short sleeve and a hoodie, as well as some more techie/nerdy related stuff such as a mousepad, surely a sticker (transparent/shaped) and perhaps a hat. I think the stickers is the most important actually. These can go on a lot of items, while shirts is really something you probably would buy for meetings, which we don’t have.

Let’s wait until next Monday to see if I and @Ttown hear back as well from our acquaintances about what they use. Once we have a choice for the service, we can start with few small items such as stickers. If it pulls, or we get lots of requests, we can also add shirts/hats/etc.
(Let’s cross fingers we can actually find a service that allows the prospect to build their own swag, that would remove this rather restrictive choice)
I would say, given the issue with CC, we have to go for a service that provides us with a store, in any case, unless we want to run it on WP :thinking: (which is not a tabu, IMO. Choose the right tool for the right task…)

CC is already being used on CP site for donations, so it’s already there like it or not.

Going with CafePress now doesn’t mean we can’t change it later if necessary.

We need to set something up now with minimal effort. It’s not going to make millions, so we shouldn’t spend too much time on it. Give folks an option to order some tshirts, a hat, coffee mug, maybe a coaster, and that’s a good start that covers everyone basically. More can be added later, if anyone requests it.

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Yea, I do not like that :smiley:

I am not sure we would be running the shop on the main site anyway, where the CC is used… but my main concern is, CC is not only not maintained, it is outdated by at least 3 security releases. While it is used for our donations, I would not be surprised if there is even bugs in it, because as a matter of facts every single donation to CP since the very first is cancelled, unless 2
The only 2 that are not canceled, are

Payment due – Error
Processing scheduled renewal payment.
Action is not supposed to be executed, aborting.

So while this might not be CC fault, the sole point of it being not maintained for me is enough to face reality (and this is not even considering the security patches it misses, which may or may not be crucial).
I really would not suggest using this tool.

I agree we could run with CafePress - makes sense to start small and expand as needed.

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My acquaintance uses Printful.
They are happy with it but said that Printify - while being basically the same - just has better shipping coverage.

As we do not want to/have the resources to run a self hosted store (for good reasons I believe) I guess we should stick with less coverage for now and go with cafepress as @viktor suggested.

I could - but I believe @Directors should - create an account.

@viktor has proposed to provide creatives, I guess we can simply use our logos on the page ClassicPress Brand Guidelines | ClassicPress? When I tried out printify, it was very simple to build the products. You upload the asset, position it on the item and press “done”.

It seems we have a more or less agreement on the items as well:

  • Shirts (t-shirt, unisex, S, M and L I think are fine?). They should probably be simple black or white, because having them in our brand color is impossible/costly. I suggest printing them in front top right the “ClassicPress (feather here)” logo, round big feather on back. Of course that is just a suggestion.
  • Stickers (I would if possible suggest one that is transparent/round with feather logo with green background, or just the feather shape, to cover a broad application span).
  • A hat with a feather logo in green background. Probably black is fine.
  • A mug with a logo “ClassicPress (feather here)” logo. White mug is fine I think.

Who will be responsible for monitoring this:
A @Directors because the only persons with access to accounts to initiate eventual refunds and/or react when financial problems appear or else “upper level” issues appear.
That person may imo ask/designate a helping hand to tackle less dramatic issues such as eventual support, if any necessary, or else non-high-level issues.
I am happy to help with that, I do however not have the authority to deal with the more crucial stuff so I believe a director must be the main responsible. But I have also been told to not involve in “too many things” so I leave this as the last option and would prefer as well as encourage others to come forward for this position, if needed.

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Once everything is set up, I’ll work on the graphics if they need to be tailored to specific templates. I don’t want to waste time until the store/account is ready for creatives.


Things are a little more settled for me these days so I may have time to help out with this. I’m checking with the other directors to get their feedback.