Is there a Post by email plugin?

WP’s Jetpack has a feature where one can make a post via email. On one of my sites I use it a lot. Is anyone aware of a plugin that can be used in CP for this? My searches came up empty. Thanks!

BTW, I did find this, but it’s not compatible with CP:
Postie – WordPress plugin |

At this point, your best option is to use an older version of Postie. It looks like the last version that was compatible with ClassicPress is 1.9.53. You can download it here:

Looking over their changelog, there were no security issues fixed. So you should be OK.

We have began work on ClassicPress v2.0, which will be based on WordPress 6.x. So with v2.0, you will be able to update Postie to the latest version.

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@viktor, thank so much, including the direct link. I installed it, and think I can use it, in spite of a bit of complexity. But will have to come up with a dedicated email address for it. Maybe I can get to that this week.

I’m grateful for the time you and others spend with slow people like me. :slight_smile: