Is there anything you would REMOVE at all from ClassicPress?

Another question. Where can I find the ZP image control. Is there a replacement for this plugin?

As far I know ZP removed their plugins without fallback.
I believe they where not even releases under GPL back then so technically they should never have been published on the directory to start with.

I am not aware of another developers replacement of this specific plugin.

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“…Anything [you] would like to see removed?” Yes! Customizer. Or at least the requirement to make it the required API to create themes with.

Yeah,yeah, I know: developers are sloppy and create terrible Theme Options Settings admin code/pages. I think this was the theory that got theme Options remove but it is now time to reconsider.


  • Customizer is “everything” intensive. ( don’t even get me started on making a list of its dependencies )
  • Customizer does not do what it claims to do. (make previews a fantastic user experience… if preview decides to work on themes that lazy developers can’t write for)
  • Theme Options is a fantastic user experience as well as user interface. More room to write and more room to allow for instructions and input field actions.
  • Customizer does none of the above and in fact is extremely cramped and too small to add CSS, let alone functionality.
  • List could get bigger but suffice it to say, Customizer is a sick dog that no one wants to put out to pasture.