Issue with Dark Theme Code Blocks

Putting this here so I remember to fix it when I get a chance.

@invisnet reported issues with the Dark Theme code blocks.

Looking at 2 plugins for CP the code block is using white on white.


Fixed for now, I think it could use some fine tuning though:

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How about making the background color the same as for “normal” quotes? I think it will look really nice after that.

Perhaps just me (and I don’t use the dark theme, so, this is simply informational,) but, I can’t read the variables at all. I know they’re there as that was from something I posted, however, they look like off-color blotches under the proposed color scheme; it’s not even readily apparent that those are textual characters.


Now it’s the-same-thing-in-reverse. I can read everything if I strain hard, but the color used for (e.g.) ob_start(); is exceptionally trying on that background. Again, take this with a grain of salt as I don’t even use the dark theme.

We can remove the first change:

And I don’t use it either, @invisnet thoughts?


Well, now… I can see everything in this latest render… it must look absolutely terrible to everyone else. :smiley:


I think it looks okay - it is code so it shouldn’t be pretty to look at, right? :wink:

I will mark this as solved for now, we can continue to fine tune if we hear from anyone else :slight_smile:


That looks very good to me. The part with the lowest contrast ratio is probably the return and eval now, but it is still easily readable.


That’s looking good now - thanks!


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